Anna Kraitz
»A Cappella«, table
»Angel«, stool
»Anna«, floorlamp
»Anna«, sofa
»Anno 2000«, clock
»Augusti«, textile
»Babe«, coathanger
»Beatrix«, easy chair
»Beatrix«, sofa
»Blanche«, easychair
»Bloom«, dinnerplate
»Closer«, bench
»Crawling Table«, table
»Darjeeling«, teatrolley
»Darling«, stool
»Deserve«, cakestand
»Early bird«, vase with braid
»Early bird«, vase with button
»Early bird«, vase with belt
»Early bird«, vase with belt no 2
»Farsta Centrum - 50 år i förorten«, textile
»Fire«, candlestick
»Fogdarp«, cykelpollare/bicycle rack
»Fringelamp«, lamp
»Girl«, floorlamp
»Hylle«, textile
»Imagine«, mirror
»Little miss Kaolin«, stool
»Lone«, chair
»Lovetable«, table
»Lust«, teapot
»Mama Look«, sofa
»Mama Look bureau«, chest of drawers
»Match«, outdoor chair
»Mine«, teacup
»Nude«, table
»Orientexpressen«, sofa
»Part One«, cd shelf
»Part Two«, winerack
»Shake«, sunglasses
»You«, teacup

In my grandmother’s old kitchen in Hungary, there was a shelf with enamel pots in bright colors. I was so little then, but I do remember the colors.

»You«, teacup, 2001
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Diameter 13 cm
Producer: Anna Kraitz
Colour: White, Dark blue, Light blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, Red

Teacup You - Red cup
Red cup

Teacup You