Anna Kraitz
»A Cappella«, table
»Angel«, stool
»Anna«, floorlamp
»Anna«, sofa
»Anno 2000«, clock
»Augusti«, textile
»Babe«, coathanger
»Beatrix«, easy chair
»Beatrix«, sofa
»Blanche«, easychair
»Bloom«, dinnerplate
»Closer«, bench
»Crawling Table«, table
»Darjeeling«, teatrolley
»Darling«, stool
»Deserve«, cakestand
»Early bird«, vase with braid
»Early bird«, vase with button
»Early bird«, vase with belt

During a certain period, my daughter was an early riser. That made me an early riser too. At dawn I would get dressed and braid my hair.

»Early bird«, vase with belt no 2
»Farsta Centrum - 50 år i förorten«, textile
»Fire«, candlestick
»Fogdarp«, cykelpollare/bicycle rack
»Fringelamp«, lamp
»Girl«, floorlamp
»Hylle«, textile
»Imagine«, mirror
»Little miss Kaolin«, stool
»Lone«, chair
»Lovetable«, table
»Lust«, teapot
»Mama Look«, sofa
»Mama Look bureau«, chest of drawers
»Match«, outdoor chair
»Mine«, teacup
»Nude«, table
»Orientexpressen«, sofa
»Part One«, cd shelf
»Part Two«, winerack
»Shake«, sunglasses
»You«, teacup
»Early bird«, vase with belt, 2008
Material: porcelaine
Producer: Anna Kraitz
limited edition

Vase with belt Early bird