Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, who had previously held an exhibition at the gallery in 2000, was welcomed as guest curator for the first exhibition held by THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION, a show of works by five young designers from Northern Europe. From among the ultra-efficient, functionality of Northern European design Koskinen sought designers with a richly sensitive approach, who were distinctive and impactful but not overly brash, featured a modern minimalist style of production, and were who imparted a feeling of expansiveness. Thus, the chosen designers were those who used modern means to express traditional crafts, and who employed unique methods – such as re-using waste products in designs – to propose solutions to a broad range of issues.


Anna Katriina Tilli & Marie Relander, Finland
Tinna Gunnarsdottir, Iceland
Anna Kraitz, Sweden
Cecilie Manz, Denmark
Cecilie Frostad Egeberg, Norway